You are invited and encouraged to let us know the name and yahrzeit of your beloved ones who have departed from us. We will honor their memory by announcing their name at our synagogue during services. May you be comforted among all the mourners of Israel. These names will be written on our weekly Yahrzeit listing in the Memorial Alcove and updated here.

Recent Passing

  • Alan Fishbein, father of Allison Fishbein, grandfather of Emma and Benjamin Mace

Yahrzeits for November 16, 2018

  • Irma Abramson, mother of David Abramson
  • Benjamin Axel, father of Neil Axel
  • Helen Cohen, aunt of Francine Klein
  • Lorraine Goldberg Cohen, mother of Stephanie Brown
  • Arlene Feld, mother of Melissa Helicke
  • Ruth Feld, grandmother of Melissa Helicke
  • Lawrence Felsenberg, father of Steven Felsenberg
  • Charles Fisher, father of David Fisher
  • Leonard Gold, father of Arthur Gold
  • Stuart Handwerger, brother-in-law of Marilyn Handwerger
  • Alice Krulee, mother of Jo Ellen Roseman
  • Philip Levine, uncle of Joan Isman
  • Stephen Porton, husband of Harriet Porton
  • Rose Price, mother of Luba Fineman
  • Ethel Rensin, mother of Howard Rensin
  • Milton Semmel, father of Ralph Semmel
  • Harold Sorkin, father of Lawrence Sorkin
  • Samuel Spiegel, grandfather Allison Fishbein
  • Roslyn F. Stewart, mother of Jim Firestone
  • Alfred Sussman, father-in-law of Shekoofah Sussman
  • Milton Weiner, perpetual memory

There are several occasions each year when our loved ones who have passed on are memorialized. The most significant of these is yahrzeit, the anniversary of the death, which is observed according to the Hebrew calendar. As is the case in all Jewish holy days, yahrzeit observance begins at night. A 24-hour candle is lit and one may attend synagogue to recite the Kaddish [the memorial prayer].

In addition, you may wish to have your loved one remembered by purchasing a plaque to go in the Memorial Alcove in our sanctuary. To order a plaque click here. His/Her name will be read yearly at our Yizkor services on Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot.

Many people choose to remember their loved ones by making a contribution in their memory to the synagogue. In this way, we affirm the meaning of life and support those higher causes and ideals with which our departed identified. Your participation in this mitzvah would be greatly appreciated. You may donate safely online here.