Pick Your Alliteration: Modim Moment or Major Milestone

It was the spring of 2018 when the Temple Board, under the umbrella of the TI2020 initiative, asked a group of us a simple question: did the Temple need to renovate or expand its facilities? After a year of study, we came up with the simple answer: yes. Our committee developed a set of requirements […]...read more

TI Anniversary—Picking Up Where We Left Off

When we began to plan for our congregation’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, we were mostly worried about the weather cooperating with us. Fortunately it did and all of our events were huge successes, with large attendance at all of them. But, we never, ever, anticipated that we would be affected by a pandemic which, literally, “shut […]...read more

Welcoming Autumn

Shalom! It is a joy to write to you, particularly as I write on a day when the invigorating chill of autumn is in the air, and the leaves in their full-throated turning towards the brilliant colors that we love so much. We are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving, a time for gathering to appreciate the incredible […]...read more

Tzedek Isaiah Update

Tzedek Isaiah: Our Freedom to Vote and Racial Justice Campaigns On July 28, Jewish leaders across Maryland organized a meeting with the staff of Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin to lobby in support of the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. This was part of an effort […]...read more

New Dates for TI Anniversary Events

It has been a year since our 50th Anniversary celebration was forced to shut down due to the COVID pandemic. We, sadly, had to put all of our many activities on hold, hoping that some day we would be able to resume planning and eventually take up from where we left off. Barring any unforeseen […]...read more

Reopening and High Holy Day Update

We are writing to provide you with an update regarding changes to some of our COVID policies, particularly for Shabbat services and summer programming. We are also excited to move along in the planning for High Holy Days 5782, and your feedback to a few survey questions will be instrumental in helping us plan for […]...read more