SYTI Leads the Family Fun Night Havdalah

On April 14 the Temple Isaiah youth groups sponsored a Family Fun Night Havdalah, which culminated in a beautiful Havdalah service led by members of our senior youth group, SYTI. Rebecca Bregman, SYTI board member, religious school madricha, and NFTY-MAR songleader shares why Havdalah is such an important service for her: My love for havdalah […] more

Shabbaton Participants Join Protest

Alexandra Cohen The March For Our Lives was a student run protest in Washington D.C. against gun violence. The events that pushed the students to create the protest were all the school shootings that have happened. During the march so much was happening, especially since more than 800,000 people showed up, helping to make a […] more

Innovative Passover Recipes from URJ

If your annual seder is getting as stale as a board of shmurah matzah left over from last year, URJ (the Union for Reform Judaism) has some recipes from The Jewish Dish that might spice things up a bit, from a Passover chicken soup with zucchini “spaghetti,” to mango charoset, then finishing off with a […] more

Gesher Creates a “Jewseum”

Gesher, the Religious School’s 7th Grade class, created a “Jewseum” with presentations on notable Jews. From Carrie Fisher to Bernie Sanders and everyone in between, famous Jews in entertainment, politics, science, sports, and even crime(!) created an admirable cross-section of Jewish more

connecTIon Goes Crazy for Hamentashen!

If you could put anything into a hamentashen, what filling would you choose? This week participants were faced with just this question as connecTIon, Temple Isaiah’s 20s/30s group, held a hamentashen bake. With nearly 20 options, everyone was able to get creative with their combinations. The options ranged from traditional (apricot, raspberry, poppy) to contemporary […] more

Sisterhood Brings All Ages Together for Pizza Bingo

TI Sisterhood recently ushered in an old favorite that had not made an appearance here for nearly a decade: Bingo Night! The evening did not disappoint, if all the smiles, high-fives, squeals of joy, and ‘Oh yeah’s’ were any indication — from the 150+ Bingo players, ranging in age from 5 to 95. Twenty games […] more