Honoring Tradition, Building Our Future

Your participation will help our Temple Isaiah community plan for the next 50 years. To get there, we need YOUR support!

What is the Honoring Tradition, Building Our Future Campaign

The Honoring Tradition, Building Our Future campaign will expand and improve some of the space at Temple Isaiah to fully accommodate the growing needs of our dynamic, welcoming, multifaceted community as we continue to live out our core values of justice, equity, and diversity. Our newly renovated space will serve as a primary hub for community building and meaningful connection for all phases of our lives. Our enhanced facilities will set the course for the next generation of proud and active Jews, and serve as a beautiful gathering place for the broader community’s activities. The images below will help you visualize the warmth and functionality of our expanded home.

What improvements will be made to our new home
  • A new multi-purpose social hall: Restructuring most of the current courtyard will set the foundation for the new social hall, which will preserve the sanctuary as a sacred space of worship and prayer.

  • A new chapel and lounge: A new chapel will allow for two sacred spaces for services and other activities. A spacious lounge with a coffee bar where members can congregate and socialize, with a movable wall to configure the space for large assemblies and gatherings, will be the perfect setting for intimate services, B’nai Mitzvah tutoring, Shabbat Torah Study, and adult education.

  • Technology upgrades: Technology throughout will be upgraded and will be added to worship spaces and group gathering areas to accommodate new teaching tools and virtual participation.
  • Expansion of the kitchen: An expansion of the kitchen will provide direct access to the social hall, allowing for seamless transition from services to events and programs, as well as provide additional meal prep and storage space.
  • Restroom facility for everyone: This important renovation will make our building inclusive and welcoming to people of all physical abilities and gender identities. It will include a fully accessible shower, which will also provide safety for personnel in emergencies, and enable our Cold Weather Shelter Program guests a dignified way to meet their personal hygiene needs, further enhancing our commitment to social justice.
  • Updating and upgrading outdoor spaces: More welcoming, better-designed, accessible outdoor spaces will maximize use of our entire campus and create flexible gathering areas for programs, classes and worship. A permanent, paved walkway will join our central building with the outdoor chapel, enhancing our outdoor programming for all to enjoy the majestic setting of our campus.

What is needed to make this dream a reality

Generous gifts from a small group of community members have propelled our campaign forward. We have $560,000 left to raise and are seeking 100% participation from Temple members to begin construction this spring. We hope you will decide to be a part of this legacy!

Gifts can be made here.

We encourage you to “stretch, not stress” — gifts of any amount are sincerely appreciated, and every single gift makes a difference in reaching our collective goals for the future.

Our campaign leadership would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your participation. Please reach out to our campaign co-chairs: Deborah Adler: dadler@aipac.org or 443.690.0473 or Larry Gordon: elgee57@gmail.com or 410.591.5117, or a member of our campaign cabinet.

Thank you for your partnership in the growth of our beloved Temple Isaiah. Your investment will position our community for a vibrant future.