As we approach this unprecedented High Holy Day Season, Temple Isaiah is proud to be able to offer opportunities for personal study and reflection in the weeks leading up to Rosh Hashanah, as well as resources to help you prepare for a home-based holiday celebration. You can download our 2020 Yizkor book here


Daily 8am Elul sessions with the Baltimore community (August 20-Septembr 18 [except Saturdays])

  • Rachel Petroff Kessler is teaching on “Seeing God in Ourselves and Others” on September 9.
  • You can access the full schedule, and links, at

Tuesday Series on the High Holy Days (45-minute sessions, starting at 8pm. Watch your Wednesday e-news for the Zoom link.)

  • August 25Rachel Petroff Kessler: “The Shofar Calls”
  • September 1Rabbi Craig Axler: “Ki Anu Amecha — For we are Your people…” Finding Meaningful Metaphors for the Relationship Between the Individual, the People, and God.
  • September 9Rabbi Daniel Plotkin: “Beyond Apples and Honey” High Holy Days Traditions from History and Around the World
  • September 15Becca Droller: “Music of the Season”

Meditation with Cindy Sandler (Thursday evenings, September 10, 17, and 24 at 7pm)

During the month of Elul, we are to explore the way we have lived the past year and open up to better ourselves in the year to come. This year, the notion of opening up takes on a different level of meaning, as we are moving through one of the most challenging times in recent history. This year, preparation for the High Holidays will encompass different mediums and guided meditations. We will open up the space within to illuminate the shadows within our actions/thoughts; engage in drawing to release that which we no longer want to carry; let words flow from our hearts to page; and to shift from loss to strength.

Join Cindy Ward Sandler on Zoom and fellow congregants for this time of reflection and opening. What you need: paper, colored pencils or crayons, and a comfy space. Questions? Contact Cindy at Watch your Wednesday e-news for the Zoom link.

Elul Videos

You can download Rabbi Axler’s Teiglach recipe here.