Kulanu Registration Policies and Procedures

Registration for Kulanu: The Youth Education Programs of Temple Isaiah, 2019–2020 is now under way. A non-refundable registration fee of $75 for each student is due with your registration. Registration for students continuing with Temple Isaiah is due by June 30, 2019. A late fee of $75 will be charged to returning families registering after June 30.

Walk-In Registration

We will hold walk-in registration on Sundays, April 21, April 28, and May 5 from 9am to 1pm and during the week Monday–Thursday during regular business hours. At those times, we will process your registration application as well as answer any questions that you may have regarding Kulanu.

Mail in registration is always accepted, please make sure it is postmarked June 30 or earlier to avoid the late fee.

Class schedule, locations and times

All Classes meet on Sunday

Bonim (Pre-K*, Kindergarten and Grade 1) 9am–10:45am
Bonim (Grades 2 and 3) 11am–1pm
Olim (Grades 4, 5, and 6) 9am–1pm
Gesher (Grade 7) 6pm—8pm
Next Dor (Grades 8-12) 6pm–8pm on Selected Sundays

* Pre-K will meet 2x a month through December and then be  a weekly class following Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend.

Class Placement

Students in the Bonim (Pre-K–3rd Grade) program will be divided into grade level classes in order to facilitate mixing of a variety of students and build connections. Students may request one friend to be placed with, and the request must be reciprocal in order to be guaranteed (Pre-K will be one class).

Students in the Olim (4th–6th Grade) program will be divided into a variety of groups through the course of the morning. Some will be multi-grade and some single grade. Students may request one friend to be placed with during the final three hours of the day (after Hebrew Decoding), and the request must be reciprocal in order to be guaranteed.

Gesher will be held as one large class breaking up into different sub groups from time to time as the curriculum dictates.

Next Dor is not based on grade levels with the exception of certain occasional programs.

Leveled Hebrew Decoding

In the Olim Program (Grades 4, 5, and 6) students will be assigned to mixed-grade classes during the first hour of the day, based on Hebrew knowledge level, in order to allow for the best possible educational experience.

Optional Mid-week Hebrew

New for 2019-20, Kulanu is offering an optional  mid-week Hebrew class from 4:45-6pm on Wednesday evenings. This class is available for students in grades 4-6 who are also attending Sunday morning classes. The class will run provided a minimum number of students enroll. Should the required number not enroll, then any additional tuition paid for this program will be 100% refunded.


Textbooks will be provided to students as dictated by the curriculum.


The handbook describing the policies of Kulanu is available online here. The policies discussed include, but are not limited to, snow cancellation, discipline, health, withdrawal from school, and tuition adjustment.

Pre-K program-for four year olds

This class will meet twice a month through the fall, and then weekly following MLK Day Weekend. Jewish holidays, customs and traditions will be explored through cooking, art, music and story experiences with the children.

Gesher — 7th Grade

Our 7th Grade curriculum includes an in depth study of the history of the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel. 7th Grade includes a trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. for both parents and students (small additional fee applies) and opportunities for social engagement.

Next Dor — 8th–10th Grades

See the Teen Learning Page for all the details on our New Next Dor program.

B’nai Mitzvah Policy

To become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Temple Isaiah, a student must begin Jewish education at Kulanu no later than 3rd Grade and the student’s family must affiliate with Temple Isaiah by the time the student is in 3rd Grade.

Families Not Affiliated with Temple Isaiah

Families who are not members of a synagogue or who are members of another synagogue are welcome to enroll their children in Kulanu through 6th Grade. Children in non-member families who wish to enroll in 7th Grade and higher may enroll at the discretion of the Rabbi-Educator and Temple Isaiah staff. Please contact the office for more information.

Financial Assistance

A limited amount of money is available for scholarships. These funds are awarded on the basis of need and the Temple Isaiah Scholarship Committee handles all applications in strict confidentiality. Any family seeking assistance should request an application from the Temple Isaiah office staff immediately.

Communication Policy

Please include a family email on your registration form. The weekly Thursday e-news is our main way of communicating with families throughout the school year. Your child’s teacher will also send out weekly communication to keep you informed. Written notices will be mailed or carried home when appropriate.

Tuition Schedule (all grades require an additional $75 non-refundable registration fee)

Courses TI Member Unaffiliated
Bonim Pre-K $549 $852
Bonim (Kindergarten–3rd) $732 $1231
Olim (Grades 4–6) $1074 $1974
Gesher (Grade 7) $807 Contact Office
Next Dor (Grades 8–12) $495 Contact Office
Optional Mid Week Hebrew (grades 4-6) $320 additional Contact Office


Payment plan, Policies, and Discounts

Payment plan:

  • Minimum of 1/3 of total tuition due by July 31, 2019 or upon registration if after that date
  • Minimum of 2/3 of total tuition due by October 31, 2019
  • Payment in full by December 31, 2019
  • 2% discount for payment in full at registration

Direct Debit is available for your convenience.

Large Bill Discount

Any family whose total bill (tuition & fees) is more than $2,400 may take a 5% discount on Tuition Only, not to reduce the total bill below $2,400. Registration fees may not be discounted. Discount for large bills may not be combined with discount for payment in full.

Discounts for Payment in Full:

Any family who pays in full for total tuition and registration fee at the time of registration may take a 2% discount on Tuition only, to a maximum discount of $55 per family. Discount for payment in full may not be combined with large bill discount.

Discounts apply to tuition only. Registration fees are not eligible for discount, nor do they count towards the large bill discount.


1.Temple Isaiah is committed to providing a Jewish education for all of our students. The success of our program depends on your financial support. Tuition payments are due on the payment plan dates stated above. A monthly payment option is also available and can be set up by contacting Beth in the Temple office at 301.317.1101 or emailing her through the Contact Page. If payment is 60 days in arrears and you have not contacted the office to make payment arrangements, your children will not be able to continue their education in Kulanu until the bill is satisfied or appropriate arrangements are made with the Temple Administrator.

Families will not be permitted to register for the 2019–2020 school year if their 2018–2019 financial obligations to TI and Kulanu are not fully paid or if satisfactory arrangements have not been made with Helen Winoker, Temple Administrator at 301.317.1101.  

2. Any SPECIAL PAYMENT SCHEDULE must be worked out and approved IN ADVANCE in writing through Helen Winoker, Temple Administrator.

3. Bills will be due and payable according to the above schedule. Your child’s enrollment may be terminated if payment is not made promptly according to this schedule.

4. Withdrawals from Kulanu made before August 15 will receive a full refund of any tuition paid. Any withdrawals made after August 15 but before the first day of school will receive a refund of tuition, less $100 per child. Withdrawals made after the first day of school will receive a refund of tuition paid for remaining classes less $150 per child. Please note the registration fee is non-refundable. Waivers to this policy are at the discretion of the Rabbi-Educator.

5. If a minimum number of students are not registered for a specific class or any unforeseen circumstances warrant, that class may be cancelled or combined with another class. If a class is cancelled all collected tuition and fees will be refunded.