Pick Your Alliteration: Modim Moment or Major Milestone

It was the spring of 2018 when the Temple Board, under the umbrella of the TI2020 initiative, asked a group of us a simple question: did the Temple need to renovate or expand its facilities?

After a year of study, we came up with the simple answer: yes. Our committee developed a set of requirements that were approved and sent to our architectural firm to develop a concept. More back and forth, give and take, and finally a set of plans and specifications were delivered.

Just recently, on December 9, the Temple executed a construction contract with KasCon, Inc. to build 5000 square feet of much-needed space onto our existing facility. If events play out as planned, the addition should be complete this coming fall.

The three major elements of this expansion are:

  • A 2400 square foot social hall that can be divided into two;
  • An 850 square foot chapel adjoining a 950 square foot lounge;
  • Much-needed storage next to our kitchen, with a new hallway from the kitchen to the social hall.

In addition, there will be new gardens and upgraded audio-video and streaming technology.

More details of this exciting project will be presented at congregational Town Halls on December 15 and December 19. See the “What’s Happening” on Wednesday for details on those meetings.

Dennis Rapport

1 thought on “Pick Your Alliteration: Modim Moment or Major Milestone

  1. What an inspiring and gratifying presentation tonight! This expansion is just right –not too much, not too little–with Temple Isaiah resources devoted to the places of most need. And the time frame is surprisingly short.
    To me, it seems that you’ve thought of just about everything, including the utility of rain gardens in the era of climate change. Upgrading the use of the outdoor bima and keeping and renovating Renee’s Garden adds immensely to the beauty and the utility of our Sacred Grounds! Well done and thank you, Betsy Singer

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