High Holy Days 2024/5785


We are thrilled to share our plans for the 5785 High Holy Days! Once again, we are pleased to offer both in-person and live streaming options.

  • All services will be held at Temple Isaiah, including Rosh Hashanah in the Park, which is now Rosh Hashanah in OUR Park. For a more detailed schedule of services and events see below.
  • High Holy Day Ticket requests for members will be available exclusively online. Please review the information carefully and fill out your Ticket Request Form as soon as possible. Service time requests (RH and YK morning services are “early” and “late”) will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have never logged into your member account or need password assistance, please reach out to Beth in the Temple office.
  • Non-members who wish to purchase tickets, please use our Contact Form to reach out to Shelley in the Temple Office about joining Temple Isaiah (choose “Membership” from the dropdown menu). You may also register for Virtual-Only Services, for $54 per computer/TV. We highly recommend purchasing a set of the Mishkan haNefesh prayer books at $54/set, so you can follow along at home (details below).
  • For the safety and security of our community, every person entering the building must have a High Holy Day Badge, which will be mailed to all registrants with detailed information in late September.
  • All services taking place in the Sanctuary will also be available to our membership via high-quality, multi-camera livestream for viewing from home. We will send links to all of our virtual services to all TI members as High Holy Days approach.
  • Please note: Members, if you anticipate joining our services via the Livestream, you may either purchase (at a cost of $54/set) or borrow a set of the Mishkan haNefesh prayer books. The prayers will not appear on screen with the livestream, so it is highly recommended to have copies in your home to participate most fully in the worship. You can arrange for your prayer book order/loan on the ticket request form. If you are attending in person and purchased Mishkan haNefesh in the past, please bring them with you to use. Remember to put your name in them, so we can assure a safe return if they are accidentally left behind.
  • If you would like to join us for Break the Fast at Temple Isaiah, pre-registration is required. There is a $10 per person charge to help underwrite the cost. To register, contact Beth in the TI office.


Saturday, September 28/25 Elul 5784 — 6:30pm

Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday, October 2/1 Tishrei 5785
Evening Service — 8pm

Thursday, October 3/1 Tishrei 5785
Congregation Service*— 8:30am & 11:15am
Youth Drop off Experience by Age (K–5th Grade)* — 8:30am
Tot Service* — 10:15am
Family Service* — 11:30am
Rosh Hashanah in Our Park (Temple Isaiah) — 2:45pm
Tashlich (TBD) — 4:30pm

Friday, October 4/2 Tishrei 5785
Congregation Service 2nd Day — 10am

Shabbat Shuvah

Friday, October 4/3 Tishrei 5785 — 7pm

Congregational Memorial Service

Sunday, October 6/5 Tishrei 5785 — 10am
Columbia Memorial Park

Yom Kippur

Friday, October 11/10 Tishrei 5785
Kol Nidrei Family Service — 6:30pm
Kol Nidrei* — 7:30pm

Monday, September 25/10 Tishrei 5785
Congregation Service*— 8:30am & 11:15am
Youth Drop Off Experience by Age (K–5th Grade)* — 8:30am
Tot Service* — 10:15am
Family Service* — 11:30am
Congregants Hour — 2pm
Afternoon Service — 3pm
Yizkor Service — 5pm
Ne’ilah — 5:45pm
Break the Fast — approx. 6:45pm

*Pre-registration required