Youth Groups

Youth Programming

Temple Isaiah’s youth groups promote meaningful Jewish relationships and positive Jewish identity through engaging activities in a safe environment.

Club 23: for 2nd and 3rd graders

JYTI (Junior Youth of Temple Isaiah): for 4th–6th graders

SYTI (Senior Youth of Temple Isaiah): for 8th–12th graders

For more information about Temple Isaiah’s youth groups, contact our Youth Engagement Associate, Joanne Brazinski.

Youth Groups FAQs

How do I pay for events?
Most events can be paid for at the start of the event — either by cash or check. If the event is taking place after Kulanu (Religious School) and you are worried your child might misplace it, feel free to drop the money off with Joanne in the office (just stick it in an envelope with your child’s name on it). Occasionally during the year we have larger events with online registration — for these events, payment is made online.

How do I know if my child is a youth group member?
If a student is enrolled in Kulanu and/or are TI members, they are considered members of Club 23 or JYTI, and eligible to attend all group events.

Any 8th—12th graders whose family is a member of Temple Isaiah may attend SYTI events.

Can my child bring a friend to a youth group event?
Youth group members are welcome to invite Jewish friends to the majority of our events, however overnight events and major trips are open only to youth group members. Non-members pay a slightly higher rate for events. Please contact Joanne for more information.