Who We Are – Our Mission and Values


Temple Isaiah is a vibrant, inclusive Reform congregation that enriches Jewish life through its commitment to the values of sacred community, spirituality, lifelong learning, and social action.



Kehillah — Community

This congregation celebrates participation from everyone, and their unique individuality, to create a sacred community. We strive to be diverse, accessible, and inclusive. Our community extends beyond our own borders to Jewish communities around the world, and especially our connection to Israel, which we recognize and value as our Jewish homeland.


T’filah — Spirituality

We strive to be a sanctuary from the outside world, and a place to recharge, based in the tradition of Torah and Jewish practice, in a Reform context. Through prayer, music, individual and communal spiritual practice, we establish a community where the ongoing search for meaning and connection to God is at our core. Through the rhythm and cycles of the Jewish year, we practice active, prayerful Jewish living in vibrant ways.


Limmud — Lifelong Learning

Judaism is a tradition of learning and questioning based on ancient sacred texts and the voices of successive generations of commentaries. Through interactive study we can link the past to our present and future. From the youngest in our congregation through adulthood and maturity, we embrace myriad ways to learn through a Jewish lens.


Chesed/Tzedek — Social Action/Justice

“Justice, justice shall you pursue” is a cornerstone of our Jewish tradition.

At Temple Isaiah there is a strong commitment to improving the broader community through hands-on volunteering, civic engagement, and tzedakah/giving.  Our responsibility to act through our Jewish values unfolds in a variety of volunteer activities, social justice advocacy and partnering with other Jewish, interfaith, and civic groups with whom we find common cause in our ongoing work of Tikkun Olam – the repair of this broken world.

Through all these values and that which flows from them, our Jewish home at Temple Isaiah is a place of meaning, connection, spiritual nourishment and holiness.