We invite you to send us the name(s) of loved ones who are facing the challenge of illness, that we may support them, and you, by inclusion in our communal Mi Sheberakh prayers. You may call the office before noon on Friday at 301.317.1101 to submit names that you would like mentioned when we say the Mi Sheberakh at Shabbat services.

Mi Sheberakh is one of the central Jewish prayers, and includes pleas for both physical and spiritual healing for others in the community facing illness. Traditionally, it is said in synagogue when the Torah is read, though in modern times, Mi Sheberakh is often said by professional health caregivers, patients, and loved ones at various times during treatment and recovery from illnesses.

The Care Committee of Temple Isaiah assists members in times of need. During the year, the members of the Care Committee perform various mitzvot by helping to prepare meals for those who are unable to help themselves, provide rides for needed appointments, and doing other good deeds whenever possible.

We also send cards to individuals and make phone calls as well; all members are encouraged to take care with whatever time commitment they can afford and fulfill the mitzvah of caring for their neighbors.

If you have need of the Care Committee or would like to volunteer to provide assistance contact Ellen Strichartz or 410.707.8817.