Implementing the TI2020 Vision Plan

Donna Kasoff

The TI2020 vision plan is finally in the house! It all began in 2016, first with a series of insightful parlor meetings attended by many congregants. Based on our initial findings, the committee created a survey, which was completed by more than 250 congregants.  The data gained from the survey was analyzed, then summarized into a final report, which was sent to all congregants and posted to our website a few months ago.

In a final step, the Board approved the task force recommendations made by the TI2020 Implementation Committee to fulfill the vision put forth by our congregants. The task forces will be the first steps in working on TI’s vision, and members will determine what type of committees are needed to put their ideas to work.

The TI2020 task forces include

  1. planning for possible building expansion
  2. ideas to organize and grow social action opportunities
  3. reviewing, evaluating, and enhancing adult education offerings
  4. information gathering to better understand the needs of our congregants.  

We need people with specific skills and experience for each task force. If you have talents that would be an asset to TI’s vision plan, we want you! For more information, stop by the TI lobby on January 21 from 9–11am, or on January 28 from 11am–1pm and you can hear more about the vision plan and task forces.